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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Love is the new awesome

Sorry Cameron. I hate to break this to you on the internet but your girlfriend Claire got married without telling you. Let me know if you need to talk about your feelings.

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Emilie de Ravin, who plays Claire Littleton on ABC's "Lost," has married actor Josh Janowicz. The pair, who live in Los Angeles, wed June 19 in a "small, intimate ceremony" in Melbourne, Australia, de Ravin's publicist, Jeff Raymond, told The Associated Press on Wednesday. The bride wore a gown by Monique Lhuillier, Raymond said. The couple became engaged on January 1, 2005, while visiting de Ravin's family in Australia. De Ravin, 24, recently starred in the thriller "The Hills Have Eyes." Janowicz, also 24, stars in the upcoming drama "On the Doll."

On a brighter note. Don't worry Rebecca, Charlie is still available.

Photojournalism is the new awesome

Perhaps some of you remember that a few months ago I went to Utah and posted a photo of this adorable couple that wore their matching bluetooth ear pieces all through breakfast.

Brigham suggested that I send the photo to Vice Magazine as a possible "Don't", which I did. For those of you that hate the F-word and therefore don't read Vice, you should know that they are famous for their "Do" and "Don't" social conduct lists. "Dos" usually involve girls wearing high heels somehow, and "Don'ts" are all over the board. Well. Eagle-eye Briggie spotted our photo in the latest copy of Vice! We are famous! Well. These two people I snuck a photo of are famous! Just remember that The New Awesome brought it to you first.

We are on the Vice website as well, but don't forget that I told you that you should like the F-word if you read Vice...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pride is the new awesome

The large pink triangle appeared on Twin Peaks above our house this weekend

and I heard that leather sales in the city went up 20%

...all telltale signs that San Francisco has been celebrating SF Pride 2006.

Sure enough, the parade this year was as colorful as always. Everyone comes in their finest Pride gear (for some that means political/social tee-shirts with educational messages on them, and for others that means just feathers).

This is our 'cool' mayor, Gavin Newsom. Everyone likes him because he is young and single and good looking and liberal. The single mom in front of me kept pushing her son forward saying, "wave at the mayor, son."

This is a group of dancers called the Barbary Coast cloggers that I wish this blurry video did justice. It is Brokeback Mountain meets your mother's tuesday night clogging club. They all wore these cute matching sleeveless plaid shirts and jumped around in time to their rockin country tunes.

And didn't I tell you that we don't believe in sensible shoes here in SF?

I too was in the parade, riding in the BARTmobile! and look - what a cute hat he is wearing.

wait. we ALL get to wear beanies with propellers on top?

mine looked a lot like a yalmulka with a propeller on top. I am not sure this is what i signed up for. I am pretty sure I was on television wearing this thing.

The best part of the parade was this guy:
He had been dancing by the BARTmobile while we were getting ready to start the parade route, and I had told him that he should come along to be BART's official dancer. So he did - and the crowd loved him. Yes, he was wearing a mesh tanktop and highwaisted silky shorts. Yes, he was dancing all over the street and pinching the nipples of any of the men there without their shirts on (which drew attention away from me and the silly hat i was wearing). And yes, next year I will probably give him a beanie of his own to wear.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Weddings are the new awesome

Last night we went to two wedding receptions.

The first one was for Steve and Melissa Galbraith. Steve is one of my friends from olden times. The reception was like a reunion of all my best friends circa 2000 mingled with all my best friends circa 2006. It was great.

Here's Melissa and Steve!

Here's Nick, Courtney, Nate and Steve (AKA Love is Chemicals)!

Here's Rebecca, Dave, me and Keith pretending like we're going to the prom!

Here's Dave, Steve and Keith!

Here's Greg wearing the tag that told him where to sit for dinner!

Here's Lindsay and Patrick! They've decided to have the same haircut because they're married!

Here's just Lindsay on our blog!

Here's Rebecca, Courtney, me and Lindsay!

The second reception was for Tyrone and Marisa Davies. Tyrone is one of our friends from San Francisco who deserted us about a year ago and moved to Alameda (who even knows where Alameda is?) with our other friend Casey Smith.

Here's Paul Gruwell eating so many prawns!

Here's Jordan and Paul Ferney!

Here's the cutest cupcakes ever!

Here's Paul Ferney right before he discovered that my camera will take pictures so fast!

Here's what it's like to eat the cutest cupcakes ever with me, Rebecca and Jordan!

Thanks for getting married and throwing such great parties!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Seriously.... the new awesome

It was hot inside. Because: baking. So we opened some windows for proper ventilation.

Lured in by the smell of freshly baked vikings-in-a-cookie-blanket... COONS! Acres and acres of cookie hungry raccoons. I have never been so afraid in my life. But my desire to win the Pulitzer for photographic journalism steeled my nerve, and I quickly snapped a few shots as the terror unfolded,

five minutes ago.

See? We told you tonight won't stop being the new awesome

This is what we were eating five minutes ago!
Keith decided it would be a good idea to put rolo's and viking cinnamon buns on our chocolate chip cookies prior to baking.

Rebecca & Keith loved the gross cookies.

Daniel too.

I did not like the rolo part of my cookie.

Tonight just won't quit being the new awesome

five minutes ago we discovered the safe way to go to Safeway:

find out what we bought, in the next post!

Tonight continues to be the new awesome

This is what we all looked like five minutes ago.