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Monday, November 19, 2007

Lookalikes are the new awesome

Sometimes you know real models, and sometimes you just know people that look alot like models. Has that ever happened? You see a billboard or an ad someplace that looks so much like someone you know that you wonder if they are moonlighting as a supermodel behind your back?

Like this ad for Nike?

It looks an awful lot like a certain Jared Lindsay that we know...

And this perfume ad with a boy getting his neck all kissed up?

Looks just like Blake!

(Especially when we pin him down on the sofa and make him recreate the pose in the right light)

But seriously, everyone - you should all stop calling me to ask if it was me in that one swimsuit ad you saw.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Holiday ads are the new awesome

I was in downtown SF yesterday and saw this larger than life Gap billboard staring back at me and felt all warm and fuzzy inside. I love holidays in the city.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Big Day is the new awesome

I got back from Utah almost a week ago and still haven't posted anything about it. I didn't feel too much pressure, since there had already been some great documentation that took place.

Maybe Aaron and I were just too busy making sure the terrorists didn't win?

Okay. Bets probably has a whole camera full of better pictures, but this post will just have to do until she shares them all with us. This is the happy couple right after saying "I Do." Betsy sort of tricked everyone by not having a wedding dress on, so when they sent her out of the temple they didn't even send her out the special bride door. We were all there waiting outside of the door to take photos of her, and she walked up behind us instead.

Afterwords there was a dinner to celebrate, and I got to sit at the cool kids table with all the fun people that had come up from southern california. It was kind of a big deal. There was even a list.

(Which we let Erica add her name to)

There was also a special little ring ceremony.

Jen and Joe gave some marriage advice.

John did a pose that he says he learned on the new awesome.

And Emma offered everyone color coordinated handouts. And just looked pretty.

Who else came? So many friends.

All that practice paid off.

So maybe bets got a honeymoon to Hawaii, but at least I came home from Utah with a new pair of shoes, artisted by the ever-talented damian.

(these are much more stylish than a husband any day)

Congrats to bets and steve! The wedding was lovely.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween is over is the new awesome

Okay. I know Halloween was yesterday, and we are all totally over it already, but I had to make one last post about costumes. I saw some really good ones this year, and many that made me LOL. (Tyler's LOLcat costume? Oh, brilliant.

I dressed up as Frank Chu, a local SF protester that shows up at all major SF events with his crazy signs and even has a bar named after one of his weird conspiracy theories.

(the real Frank)

But my favorite costume of the evening was Mark's. First he went around the party and secretly posted these signs everywhere on the walls:

And then spent the rest of the night just looking suspicious.
Happy Day After Halloween!