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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sensory overload is the new awesome

The other day I bought some AXE shower gel as a joke for a friend, and didn't give it away, so it ended up in my shower. And I started using it.

the good:
It smells surprisingly clean and fresh

the bad:
If you close your eyes you sort of feel like there is a 14 year old boy wearing too much cologne in the shower with you.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Discount designer denim is the new awesome

Last weekend I went to the Designer Jeans Warehouse Sale with Lindsay and Julia.

We had the option of paying $15 for a "VIP" ticket that got us into the sale a day early. The problem was, there were about a million other VIPs waiting in line too. We finally made it in and we each left with one pair of desinger denim jeans that, had we purchased them at Nordstrom's, would have cost us between $150 and $200 a pop.

In the end the breakdown was as follows:
$5 for gas
$15 for parking
$15 for VIP ticket
$5 for snacks whilst waiting in line
$10 for effort
$99.99 + tax for sweet jeans

Total for discounted designer denim: apx. $160

Monday, September 25, 2006

Peace seems to be the new awesome

Thank you Allie. You are our youngest advocate for peace.

Doug and Suzy, the synchronized headstands are very moving.

Tanner is wearing his New Orleans shirt. Two causes!

Keeping peace alive in Provo is Heather Cove and the sweet bros. I might not know you but thanks for your support. Also, there doesn't appear to be any "bros" in your picture.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Intimidation is the new awesome

the weather has been really nice in San Francisco this week, so aaron and I decided to play a nice friendly game of tennis down in the mission.

i didn't know a lot about tennis, so aaron showed me the ropes. first he taught me to wear a shoelace in my hair as a headband, like all real (stylish) sports people do.

i tried it, but i don't really know how all those stylish sports people put up with the itchy forehead part.

We decided that the other really important aspect to playing tennis was the intimidation factor. Every player ought to have some sort of signature move that really embodies their power and skill while striking fear into the hearts of all those that dare oppose them on the court.

aaron's menacing pose:

modeled after the fearsome Obi Wan fighting stance (nicely portrayed in this fabulous artist's interpretation)

Mine was a little more complicated, and involved me swinging my racket around in wide arcs slowly, and then ending with a powerful point of the racket.

My inspiration came from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, in the scene where Bill and Ted visit the weird future dome place and find out that Wyld Stallyn's music was the foundation for the whole future society. Everyone dressed in robes and did the slow, arcing air guitar as a tribute to Bill and Ted. It seems like the kind of move that can put an end to war and poverty by aligning the planets and bringing them into universal harmony. I thought that was some powerful symbolism, and wanted to really bring that to my game.

We spent so long working on how to intimidate one another that we didn't really play much tennis. But I think we scared everyone else on the courts.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Newsflash! H4P continue to be the new awesome

I think, after receiving this picture from Matt, Headstands (or handstands) for Peace has officially turned into a movement.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Updates are the new awesome

Thank you Katie, thank you.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Headstands for peace are the new awesome

Who says we need rebecca to have a good time?!

Aaron and i went to buy support our troops stickers for our car while Rebecca was at letter press class, but they were all sold out. So we decided to one-up our fellow americans by starting a new movement. Without further ado...

One of us has equilibrium problems and broke all the dishes.

Send us a picture of your best headstand for peace.

Bicycles built for two are the new awesome

Look what I bought yesterday:

A scooter built for two. Finally.

I already took it to a sweet biker bar last night and hung out in front with the other motorcycles. We fit right in.

Free rides if you come to visit!!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Gloating about really unimportant stuff is the new awesome

Results from last week's intense eBay challenge are in.

The results:
Emily - spent $2
Scotty Dog hankies ($1)
sold for $4.81
American Apparel Ringer tee ($1)
sold for $3.25
pre-cut quilt squares (FREE)
sold for $5.00

total return: $13.06
6.53 times her original investment

rebecca - spent $7
Jack Daniel's tin ($1)
didn't sell
Camper sandals ($5)
sold for $66.89
Le Tigre polo shirt ($1)
sold for $6.00

total return: $72.89
10.4 times my investment!

Sorry, suckers. I am so the winner. And if I can do this kind of turnover every time, I am quitting my real jobs.

Also, i have this old crappy Jack Daniels tin that I am looking to unload for cheap ...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Blondes are the new awesome

This is not a post about this.

This is a post about two blondes that came to visit us this weekend. My sister Suzy and Broek from LA. They both arrived Thursday night and Friday night we decided to have a girls dinner out. We decided that even though it was a dinner for girls, Brian and Preston were allowed to come.

Maybe you remember I was recently in a little fender bender? Here is my sweet rental car ride. It's only mildly embarassing to be driving a PT Cruiser around San Francisco.

We drove the PT to Houston's for dinner. The PT has so much headroom.

Rebecca took possibly the cutest self-portrait ever.

Brian, Preston, me, Julia, Rebecca, Suzy, Lindsay & Broek.

Merry Christmas to all the short people out there. Love, Betsy & Broek

When we got home we had a birthday party for
Nathaniel. Nathaniel lives in Seattle and even though he couldn't make it to his birthday party full of hot girls, we know he appreciated our efforts.

Friday, September 15, 2006

SEO is the new awesome

I used to work for a Search Engine Optimization company, which basically means that you help other companies design their websites so that they get better rankings in the search engines. Obviously, the place you want to be is on the first page of any given search ... and I am proud to announce that The New Awesome has several key phrases covered.

Try it. Search in Google for any of the following. We are on the first page!

rubicks cube party pictures
Oregon State slogan
our sweet moves
loser's punishment
creepy rodent taxidermy
awesome blondes

Some companies would kill for that kind of first page coverage.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Huge is the new awesome

I bought a bunch of new toys the other night including a new printer/scanner/copier. My projects tonight were:

1) Clean off desk.
2) Learn how to use new printer/scanner/copier.

I did such a good job cleaning off my desk!

However, I had some problems learning how to use the new toy. I tried to scan this Polaroid picture of Rob, Cassian and
Nathaniel. And I did. But...well, huge.

Huge Polaroids are the new awesome.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Down south is the new awesome

Last weekend I went on a road trip with Robyn,


and Wayne.

Robyn and Shawn just bought a new Hybrid they wanted to test out on the open highway and our good friend Dustin was directing his first play down in San Diego.

You might remember that we like mix cd challenges
here on the new awesome. Shawn also likes mix cd challenges and he proposed we have a little mix cd challenge on our drive down. This is my ipod playing the winning mix. My ipod didn't even know it was playing the winning mix when I took this picture!

We stayed with Jed who is so sophisticated.

We got to see Mandy and meet her awesome fiance Ryan.

We got to see Dustin and Melissa!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got to see the play Dustin directed!

Who knew we had so many great friends in San Diego!
Me, Dustin, Wayne, Shawn, Robyn, Jed, Matt, Amy, Mandy, Greg and Melissa.

We also ate mega breakfasts at Coco's with Dave and Greg.

I have known Dave and Greg for almost forever.

Here's all of us at breakfast standing next to a special tree that is growing something funny.

Dear San Francisco,
Thanks for letting us visit southern california for the weekend and still being so nice and beautiful when we got home.