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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dirty Secrets are the new awesome

In honor of bets coming home from her extended vacation today, I present my own PostSecret for her return.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nuclear hair products are the new awesome

This morning I woke up with awesome hair, and one piece in the front that just wouldn't lie flat, no matter what i did.

I did a little investigating, and I suspect it is because my high-tech shampoo boasts that it is made with ROCKET EXTRACT. Pow!

No wonder.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Apparently leaving town just as things are getting good is the new awesome

My roommate went to Utah this weekend, and things kind of got strange as soon as she left. All of a sudden there were alot more of these rainbow flags flying everywhere:

And a lot of guys like this walking around:

I sort of started wondering if San Francisco was going crazy without Bets around. And then it dawned on me - my roommate foolishly left for vacation on the one weekend in San Francisco that everyone tans and works out in preparation for all year long - PRIDE!!

You think I am lying about the tanning?

To celebrate, I got some colored hair and lots of fun people and we made an appearance in the Pride Parade!

I was going to let Xavier drive until he killed Brant.

Probably because they put this guy in charge of parade safety:

The Winkles were looking pretty good in shades of blue and purple. If Mckay looks like he is hiding a secret in this photo, it is for good reason. He is wearing a speedo under his clothes.
Wayne and Courney were pretty festive themselves. (Do you notice the heavy eye glitter on Court?)

But Wayne couldn't quite decide where his hair looked best.

The boys were trying to look all tough, even in their wigs.

But little did everyone know that right before this tough photo was taken, Xavier had actually been fixing his hair in the window reflection for like, an hour. Real manly, Xavier.

Maybe you can't tell, but in addition to having yellow hair, Brant also sported a glittery heart on his cheek. Which, I hate to say, isn't all that tough either.

I wasn't trying to be manly. I was trying to channel Scarlett Johansson.

Despite my best efforts, I was by no means the girliest person at the parade. Can you believe how many people march all the way down Market Street in heels?

Our sweet tunes and luscious locks made a lot of people cheer, but we were up against a lot of curiously strong competition...

Not surprisingly, Pride is really big on the sexual innuendo. Even the most conservative places make scandalous tee-shirts. Like this one from a local Public Defender:
Even the local paper was out and about in shirts that said "We come out daily."

I think BART should come up with their own shirts for next year, mostly so that I can start up a mildly indecent conversation in the next staff meeting. This will be me - standing at the white board all innocent-faced, saying "That's good. 'BART: Giving people the ride of their lives since 1972.' Any other suggestions?"

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dancing drama is the new awesome

OK, tonight was the second round on So You Think You Can Dance. Here are some of my thoughts after watching tonight's episode:

1) I still love Hok.

2) I don't love Lacey anymore. Sometimes I think she might be making babies backstage with her partner Kameron. This kind of behavior might start catching up with them eventually. I think she is an amazing dancer but when she's telling us to vote for her I forget how great a dancer she is and it leaves me concentrating on how annoying she is. Also, I think she is Lisa Marie Presley.

3) I thought Lauren was going to be my favorite girl forever but after tonight I thought she was a little bit snoozeville. Her partner Neil however was SO great in that hip hop routine.

4) I think Jaimie has breast implants.

5) I didn't like Jessi and Pasha initially because I thought they were both too good looking. But after tonight's super rad bird jazz number, I've changed my mind. I love them. And I'm not even jealous of their good looks anymore.

6) The only thing I remember about Danny and Anya is the super plunging V-neck sweater with no t-shirt underneath Danny was wearing when they drew what dance they were going to be dancing out of the hat. It's nice that Danny has a freshly waxed chest but the man cleavage was almost more than I could handle. It made me feel awkward.

7) Speaking of awkward, remember how Faina hates her partner Cedric?

8) Sara is my absolute favorite girl ever! In my dream ending, Hok and Sara win.

9) Sabra and Dominic were really good tonight. And I loved how Dominic strategically cried when they were critiquing him for dramatic effect.

10) Shauna and Jimmy's routine was great. Although the actual stomping part was kind of dumb. There should have been more hand claps than feet stomps.

Any predictions for who leaves tomorrow night?

Also, better late than never Nathaniel...
June Cat!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Importing New Friends is the new awesome

You'll never guess who moved to San Francisco for the summer? karisa! she came to our house this weekend to let us meet her new cutie husband mckay and to eat some yummy food. Also, the three of us felt it important to make a statement about how primary colors are totally in this summer.

mckay just wanted us to stop telling eachother how cute we all were so that he could talk more about the republican he gets to work for all summer.

Take that, Utah. We finally got two of yours, now! At least for a few months.

(The funniest part of the evening was when bets saw the photos that we all took together, and she shook her head and said "we can't post these. i look as wide as a bus."

I was totally grossed out, because what I heard was "we can't post these. i look as white as pus.")

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Keeping it straight is the new awesome

Okay, okay - you know if bets is having to write entire posts dedicated to making me get back into the internet, things must be crazy busy around here. The thing is, sometimes I wonder if anyone but her notices that I haven't been posting for a week? Sometimes, in fact, I suspect that when it comes to TNA, people sort of think that bets and i are actually the same person. Even though it says at the bottom of each post who the author was, sometimes people still tell us "i think i am finally getting to the point that i can tell which one of you is writing each post" as if we have tried purposefully to confuse everyone.

For instance, recently my friend wrote a book:

And she interviewed me to be in it! She profiled me in the journaling/blogging section, and I made sure to tell her that I wrote a blog with my roommate so that she wouldn't think I wanted to take all the new and awesome credit. However (don't tell her) but when I got my copy of the book, i was mortified to find that the profile read "she and her roommate (who also happens to be named rebecca) keep a joint blog ..."

I obviously had never called my roommate by my own name, so I can only assume that my friend came to the blog and got "bex" and "bets" confused, thinking that they were short for the same name. How many people have been making this same mistake (and printing it in books)?!?

So. In order to prevent incorrect assumptions such as this to be made in the future, here are some things that you should know about bets and I to keep us both straight:

Bets - short for betsy - throws away money that she thinks is dirty. The other day she gave me this dollar because it looked like it had some funny brown unidentified stains on it. (I wish her $20 was the diritier bill).

Whereas Bex (that's me. currently talking in 3rd person) - short for rebecca - actually LIKES to pick up ugly, dirty stuff (such as paintings of old women in straw hats) off the side of the road and put them in her room.

Bets is the one who watches cooking shows, makes everything from scratch, and insists on scooping her chocolate chip cookie dough with a mellon baller to achive perfect OCD rounded cookies.

Bex is the one that only eats cookies that come from tubes of dough pre-packaged at the supermarket and has a diet consisting of mostly spaghettios and other canned goods.

Bets is the one with incredibly stubby legs . ..

And Bex is the one with an anorexic bicep, the freakishly short forearm and one enormous hand.

If that doesn't help everyone to keep the two of us straight, I don't know what will.

Friday, June 15, 2007

All mine is the new awesome

Remember how bex never has time to post on our blog anymore? Well, due to this current posting drought from bex, I thought I'd take this opportunity to move the new awesome in a direction I've wanted to for quite some time now but wasn't sure how bex would take it. But since I'm in control, I'd like to bring up something very important. So You Think You Can Dance.

Last summer this show saved me from summer re-run hell. I know you're probably rolling your eyes right now but seriously. This show is good. It makes me feel like I'm 15 again watching my favorite dancing part of Star Search every week. I reminds me of when my sisters and I made a dance to that Erasure song called "Stop!" (I can show you this dance anytime...also, bex actually knows a good part of it now too)

Right now my favorite girls are Lacey...

and Lauren.

And my favorite boy is Hok.

(If this post doesn't inspire bex to come back to us, I don't know what else I can do.)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Twins are the new awesome

Tonight I realized that my niece Sophie...

...looks exactly like my friend Liz.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Many celebrations are the new awesome

It was Steve's birthday last Friday and the best part about it was having a reason to get together with all our best friends to celebrate.

Thursday night a bunch of us met up at our new favorite restaurant called Roadside BBQ and ate lots of meat in honor of the birthday boy.

After dinner we went back to 38 special and had a cake. Allie was out of town for her birthday so we surprised her with a birthday cake for both her and Steve Santos!

Then Saturday night we had a great little birthday party over at the Beckstead residence. I made a delicious carrot cake with real cream cheese frosting. This was a serious cake.

Nate, Jeremy and Alex waiting patiently for the cake.

Me finally serving the cake (notice the ghetto birthday tea light candle in my hand...I knew I forgot something at the store).

After dinner and cake we played "The Plate Game." The Plate Game requires designating everyone a color. And you need some papers of everyone's color. By the end of the game it became clear that some people are not very neat and tidy.

And some people are.

Out of all the birthday pictures taken this past weekend this one might be my favorite. Steve and Bex just need a roaring fireplace and a cocker spaniel sitting next to them.