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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Cameron is the new awesome

you have probably seen his face all over our blog for the past few months. there were times we were pretty sure he was living at our house. and now he has decided to move to Utah, and leave us all alone in san francisco. his name is cameron pipkin.

say hi to your fans, cameron:

to say goodbye we decided to eat one big last meal together.

first we took him first to his favorite taco place, La Taqueria. for those of you that are concerned, i am not drinking soda in that large, red coca-cola cup. it is agua fresca - yummy carbonation-free cantalope water. not even cameron's leaving could make me crazy enough to drink soda.

Joy still looked happy in this picture, probably because she doesnt realize that Cameron is just about to blurt out all of her deepest darkest dating secrets told to him in confidence right there at the table in front of all of us.

Even bebe was surprised that Cameron could eat so much and manage to still spill everyone's secrets at the same time.

Then, as if huge amounts of mexican food was not enough, we headed over to Mitchells since Cameron never shuts up about how much he likes the icecream there. kathryn, caitlin, joy and bebe all tried mini samples of different icecream flavors...

...but even after all the fun samples we all still just couldn't stay away from the mint chocolate grasshopper cones. yum.

and cameron enjoyed his last 'toasted almond/french custard vanilla' signature milkshake.

and then we pretended to be tourists from idaho so that the locals wouldnt make too much fun of us for taking a big group shot in front of the place. Jordan had a very convincing Idaho accent.
We were sort of hoping that we would give him enough food to make him want to stay, but he left san francisco on friday, never to return. boo.

so cameron, even though we think it is funny that you would do pretty much anything for free food. . .

and sometimes you spent more time texting people in other states than talking to people you were actually sitting in the same room as...
we will miss the scowls and funny faces that you make, and all your inappropriate comments.

let's face it, cameron, we are all going to miss you a whole lot. probably tons.


  • At 1:37 PM, Blogger Cache said…

    is he moving to salt lake? it seems like everyone cool is goign to be livn gin salt lake by January.

  • At 5:53 PM, Anonymous kathryn said…

    woah Rebecca.
    here is a funny realization.
    your best friend Cameron is the older brother of MY best friend Brandon. (currently on a mission in Guatamala)

  • At 3:42 PM, Blogger bets said…

    Dear Cameron,
    I love you.

  • At 1:13 AM, Blogger Harmony said…

    Hey! I found you! It just occurred to me recently that I was curious about you and your whereabouts and life, so I thought what the heck, and put your name into google search, and first thing comes up is this! so hello from an old freshman friend! (oh, and by the way, another reason you popped into my mind was because i saw a movie poster with that guy from Twilight and I thought who does that remind me of? and it was you!)


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