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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Eyelashes are the new awesome

So I went and visited my most fabulous hair stylist & friend Preston Nesbit this past Saturday and while I was waiting for my hair to process I decided to go crazy and have him dye my eyelashes. I know...insane right? But if you're a blond like me, that means you have blond/invisible eyelashes unless you're wearing mascara. Here's my eyes with my favorite mascara:

Don't get me wrong, mascara is great. I love it. It's my favorite item of make-up. But what if I want to rub my eyes because I'm tired? Or what if I want to watch Steel Magnolias and cry for two hours? Or go swimming all day long...then what?

Well, here's my solution...not as dramatic and "made up" as mascara, but still so nice to have the option to go without!


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