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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Holiday Traditions are the new awesome

There are a few things that happen in my family every year that really make it feel like the holidays.

The creatively wrapped gift
Every year my dad wraps one of his gifts to look like something cool - over the years we have had a robot, an empire state building, a fish tank, a cannon, a fridge, and many other interesting and intricately decorated gifts under the tree. This year? An old victrola.

The pickle in the tree
This is a funny tradition that we adopted based on the (alleged) german tradition where the parents hide a pickle ornament in the Christmas tree on Christmas morning, and the child that finds it first gets a little extra treat.

my sister found die Weihnachtsgurke this year (like she does every year), but then in her triumphant dance around the Christmas tree, she lost control of the pickle and it shattered against the piano. ha!

Rats off to ya
Every Christmas (at least since 2004) my brother and sister and I make sure to watch one of our favorite Tom Goes to the Mayor episodes, called Rats Off To Ya, where Tom comes up with a T-shirt with the phrase "Rats Off To Ya!" on it to sell in the mall in time for Christmas, but his idea is stolen. To participate in the same holiday joy, you can watch it here.

We've been on a little holiday hiatus here at the new awesome, but hopefully you have been enjoying your own family traditions and haven't even missed us. We will be back in 07 for plenty more fun. Merry Christmas!


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