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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Monster Rally art is the new awesome

on friday i headed over to Southern Exposure for the 6th annual Monster Drawing Rally, a fundraising event where hundreds of local artists cram into the gallery and get an hour to produce some on-the-fly art, which is then hung on the walls and sold at $50 bucks a pop to the whoever can buy it first.

They tell you that it is an "action-packed spectacle that you won't want to miss," but the spectacle is mostly in the people-watching (if you are interested in looking at lots of people that are hipper, better dressed and probably more artistic than you.)

Lots of San Francisco's favorite local artists come out for the show, and this year none other than Casey Smith was a participant.

Casey got the 8pm-9pm time period. I asked him before he started if he had an idea of what he was going to draw, and he said "temples on fire, and probably clouds." (if you know Casey and his art at all, you know that I didn't even need to ask the quesiton, because OF COURSE he was going to draw temples on fire and clouds.)

Here is Casey, being all officially artistic:

And this is a better shot of the whole show from the balcony:

If you notice in the lower right hand side of that shot, there is a guy in a red sweatshirt shaking people's hands. Most people have conventional ways of producing their art (ie at the table provided to them) but this guy had rigged a machine to hang around his neck so that every time he shook someone's hand, a pencil made a mark on the paper.

I saw some art hanging upstairs that I can only assume was more of his:

art, art art everywhere you look

so, yeah. there was lots of good art there, but let's be honest - i am still not sure if any of it was better than the glowing meat stick art at our favorite taqueria, El Farolito, after the show


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