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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Home for the Holidays is the new awesome

i like coming home for the holidays to catch up with my family. I noticed a new addition to our mantel decor this time. As many of you know, my brother is training to be a Navy Seal, and this is the certificate he got to mark his fulfillment of underwater explosive school:

The United States Navy Sea, Air and Land (SEAL) forces: the elite Special Operations Forces of the U.S. Navy, employed in unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense, direct action, Counter-Terrorism, and special reconnaissance operations. It is like the manliest of the manly part of the armed forces. And the certificates they hand out have little cartoons on them.

I mean, sure. The cartoons smoke cigars and carry dynamite and knives. But. C'mon. They are cartoons.


  • At 12:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    congratulations to your brother. that cartoon seal is so great. how is he going to use that knife, flippers?

  • At 1:18 AM, Blogger yeehaa said…

    Maybe the world would be a better place if there were more cartoon drawing competitions?

  • At 2:17 AM, Blogger cybercasey said…

    There's nothing like spending the holidays back at home with family and friends for's the best time of the year....the good food and warmth and cheer all around...and hey also drop by my Holiday Blog sometime to share some of the holiday fun and cheer and find out some cool resources to make your holiday celebrations more colorful!!!!

  • At 10:05 AM, Blogger Manfoom said…

    I like spending the holiday with spammers that try to get you to go to their site.

  • At 10:35 AM, Blogger bex said…

    cybercasey should watch out, or the scary cartoon seal on our blog will knife/flipper her little cartoon umbrella girl.

  • At 10:41 AM, Blogger aaron d.w. said…

    to death.

  • At 1:32 PM, Blogger jordan said…

    There is a package here for you at home so I am keeping it in my apartment until you get back.

    Also, that Holiday Blog sounds awesome.

  • At 1:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i'm friends with cybercasey, actually.


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